Skin treatments to fight adult acne

I was told as a child that acne would be a phase. You get past those pesky teenage years and spots and bumps no more.

Well I can tell you it is all lies! In my case anyway. However, in the last year my skin has improved a million times over so the lovely Laserpod team asked me to write about my experiences.

Stage 1 My skin hates me
I met Siobhan in fits of despair. I mean close to weeping and wailing and declaring I was going to hide in the house for a week. A zit I can handle but a cluster? Not only embarrassing but going to work covered in spots and trying to hide it was soul destroying. Plus it seemed to last for about a week and then come again on a monthly cycle. Hmm thanks body – I’ll stay away from the chocolate I promise – stop erupting!

Stage 2 – Let’s give this a try
I decided that I needed help. My skin had become so bad I could barely leave the house. My social life was in tatters and even work was suffering. Anyone who has had acne will know what a massive impact it has on your confidence. The first time I met Siobhan I even struggled to remove makeup in front of her. It helped Shiv was so lovely quickly pointing out she has seen it all before. After having a look at me through her UV machine thingy she diagnosed my skin as dry, sensitive and very prone to reactions. Her first step was to tell me to only use mineral makeup and hypoallergenic moisturiser recommending some products she thought would help me.

Stage 3 Trying a Skin Peel
After we chatted in depth Siobhan recommended that we start a course of skin peels. We chatted about which one to start on. I wanted the strongest one but Shiv insisted I tried the mask peel first in case of sensitivity. If you have seen sex in the City with the chemical peel from hell you will know why I listened! Actually thought Shiv explained the only side affects were redness and some patches of dry skin. It could also cause some peeling too. Frankly at this point if she had wanted me I might grown a new nose I would probably say yes go for it. Desperation was looming

Stage 4 Peels helped but didn’t cure
After having 3 of the Mask peels (I think I had them every six to 8 weeks) I saw a slight improvement and my complexion definitely looked brighter and more even but I was still getting break outs. Siobhan said we could try something strong so we switched to the Milk Peel. I was lucky in that I didn’t experience much dryness with either of the skin peels. The Milk peel felt pretty much exactly the same when it was being applied. You skin feels slightly stingy and if you have any spots or blemishes it can sting quite a lot. Don’t pick a spot before this it will be agony!

Stage 5 Combining treatments 
After two of the Milk peels I was experiencing less of my spot clusters although they weren’t completely gone 🙁  Shiv suggested to me when I came to her looking spot free (something I have rarely been in 30+ years) that it could be worth trying a derma roller. Honestly I was a little worried. they look torturous! However, she reassured me and (literally held my hand) through the first one. It is really weird – it feels a bit like someone is rolling loads of needles over you. Funny that because they are.

Stage 6 Derma Roller
My experience of this was mixed. It undoubtedly made a huge difference to my scars, my skin looked really healthy and nice within a few days but it did hurt. Apparently some people find it worse than others, although I absolutely love the results I found it painful. Annoyingly my best friend who I brought to Laserpod seemed to think it was nothing and made me feel like a total wuss. She still swears by derma rollers and comes out all “no biggie.”  I secretly hate her.

Stage 7 Neogen plasma facial
While the derma roller had good results for scarring it was hard for me to use as breakouts were so frequent. You can only use this treatment when there are no active spots as you could risk spreading the infection. Unfortunately I had another huge breakout of spots again then next time I was due for a derma roller. I called Siobhan asking if I should cancel and she suggested a new treatment called Neogen which she was trying out. Apparently it was good for scarring and skin tightening. She offered me a few free treatments to see if it would help. I figured nothing to lose. My skin was sensitive due to the massive acne flare up but Shiv said it wouldn’t be too painful or spread infection. I trust Shiv so I dutifully lay back and thought of clear skin.

The Neogen felt like lots of blasts of hot air. Not painful at all even to a wuss like me. The only thing I didn’t like was I was scared my eyebrows were being singed off at one point (they weren’t.) Because it’s little blasts of heat it can burn the tiny hairs on your face apparently and makes a burning hair smell. Yummy.

Stage 7 First Impression of Neogen
Honestly I was not convinced at all the first time. it didn’t seem to do much but Shiv convinced me to give it another go on a higher setting. I agreed and came back 3 weeks later to try again and then another three weeks after that. It never hurt but I didn’t see instant results but after my third session I realised something…. I had totally clear skin.

I need to write this on a new sentence so the magnitude can be appreciated here…

Totally. Clear. Skin

Stage 8 Acne free and counting

I had never experienced this at all even with the peels there would always be a pesky spot somewhere but I there wasn’t a blemish in sight. My skin feels smoother and the Neogen even helped with the acne scars. I honestly can’t tell you if this is the result of the peels combined with Neogen or the Neogen all by itself but I can tell you I don’t wear foundation anymore. For someone suffering from adult acne that is so incredible to say. Currently I am going to see Siobhan around every six weeks and my skin seems under control.

So I hope my skin diary helped. I have said to Siobhan if people have questions I am happy for her to email them to me. Sorry but no before pictures – no one wants to be known as the acne woman and finally I won’t be!

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Benefits of NeoGen
lasersymbolAcne scars are reduced and active acne can lessen
lasersymbolSkin appears firmer and tighter including eye area
lasersymbolWrinkles and fine lines reduced
lasersymbolPore size and pigmentation are tackled

Acne treatments- Premature ageing – Scarring – Skin Rejuvenation – Plasma Resurfacing _ Skin Rejuvvenation

Siobhan made me feel safe comfortable and at ease throughout my treatments and the effects are amazing!
Koser, Association of Muslim Lawyers
Really great treatment, it was much less painful than any previous treatments I have received and it was amazingly quick – only a couple of minutes for a bikini line. It’s made me decide that I will definitely do other areas of my body, much better than waxing.