Male hair removal

Laser hair treatment for men is increasing!

The growing trend of male grooming is on the rise. Over the last decade we have seen the rise of the metrosexual movement. Some of the highlights include the rise of the man bag, male grooming salons, facials for men and of course the rise of Laser Hair Removal for men

We are seeing more and more ordinary men who are unashamed to take care of their appearance. This freedom we are seeing today by men to embrace fashion and style means that Laser Hair Removal is no longer taboo. At Laserpod we welcome men from all walks of life.

Our clients have included professional cyclists, businessmen (more than one lawyer is a client) police officers and a few soldiers. Men in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life it appears, have had enough of razor rashes and shaving discomfort. So if you have razor rage come to Laserpod now!

Whereas once studs of yesteryear would wear their chest hair with pride, the modern man is shying away from all body and facial hair altogether, giving today’s women and men a cleanly-shaven and smooth sleeping partner. If you are finding that you want to be free from unwanted back and chest hair then just pop in for a FREE consultations and join the hundreds of other men we are treating.


There is one thing for sure though – any man who books himself into a Laserpod remove the unwanted hair from their back or earlobes is a winner in our book.

All of our treatments here at Laserpod are suitable for both men and women.

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Why choose laser hair removal at Laserpod?

lasersymbolSuitable for most areas of the face and body.
lasersymbolMost skin types, (even sensitive) can be treated.
lasersymbolTreatment is fast, pain-free and discrete.
lasersymbolNo recovery period – you can be treated on lunch hour.
lasersymbolWe use the latest technology, the Lightspeed Duet.
lasersymbolThe safest and most effective treatment possible.

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Our opening hours in the Moorgate studio are:
8:30am-8:30pm Monday to Saturday.
Find us : Laserpod London 24 Chiswell Street, Ec1Y 4TY

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Light Sheer Duet Machine – Effective on all skin tones – Central London location – Experienced therapist

Siobhan made me feel safe comfortable and at ease throughout my treatments and the effects are amazing!
Koser, Association of Muslim Lawyers
Really great treatment, it was much less painful than any previous treatments I have received and it was amazingly quick – only a couple of minutes for a bikini line. It’s made me decide that I will definitely do other areas of my body, much better than waxing.